Going Back To School… Seriously!

Today is the first day of the rest of my life… Ok not really it’s just the first day of a writing course my husband gave me for Christmas. I am looking forward to learning the things that are still not so clear to me about writing. I have read whatever I was able to get my hands on about the subject and most of it helped me to gain the understanding I needed with regards to starting a book, the main one being to just sit and write. But now I need to tweak my knowledge of the important parts of a novel, developing characterization; establishing goal, motivation and conflict; understanding and using viewpoint; moving the story forward with dialogue and the much talked about concept of “show, don’t tell”.
So wish me luck, I will blog about me experience and progress. The thought of actually going back to school is a nerve racking one, I’ve been out of school for over twelve years. The one thing that I am trying not to obsess so much about, is the fact that each class member will have to read their work in front of the class and get feedback, first off I am not great with public speaking and reveal the parts of a WIP that no one else has read is quite scary.
How do you get over the fear of others reading your work? Does feedback discourage you or give the strength to move forward and make it better?

2 thoughts on “Going Back To School… Seriously!

  1. I used to be terrified to let people read my stuff, now I don't think too much about it. After all, they are there to help, right? 😉

    As for feedback, I really take in stride. I don't let a lot get me down in that aspect. Someone made that comment for a reason, right? Maybe I should listen. It's all about having an open mind.

    Enjoy the class!



  2. The first time I had a fiction workshop I was an undergrad and I was taking my first creative writing class. It was terrifying. Over time, I learned how to accept the criticism and not take it personal. Honestly, it really helps. No matter how advanced a writer becomes, there are always things that they over look. A second pair of eyes can fix that. Good luck! 🙂


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