Putting Things In Order

I was going through my document folders and favorites list and realized what a mess it all is. What’s astonishing to me is the amount of information you can find on the web, and the amount of information I have collected in the last few months. Right now in my Favorites list I have stored links on every aspect of writing.
How to write Paranormal
How to write romance
How to write YA
How to write a pitch letter
How to write a Query
How to find an Agent, etc.
To me the Internet is like going into a book store, way too much to choose from. It’s great that most of the information we are looking for is out there, it is of course a matter of knowing where to look and what particular topic we want to learn about. Things like voice, character development, and  plot, there tons of websites that talk about plotting. Most are helpful and some do give you the answer you are looking for, but how many of them should we actually keep as a favorite? Like writing itself , searching for info can be just as overwhelming. I am relatively new at the whole writing thing and I am trying to gather as much information as possible to learn about the business, but how much info is too much? I still have lots of questions and next week I will be starting a writing course —a Christmas present from my husband. I will write about my experience and hopefully have some of my questions answered.
So tell me, what are some of the resources you use? Any website you find better than other?

One thought on “Putting Things In Order

  1. Oh, the internet is so full of information. As a writer, you can find anything your looking for … but you better hope it's right!

    I don't have any specific blogs/websites/industry things I fall back on for info. Google is my best friend, so if I have question, Google answers it. 😉



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