I Need A Drink!

I had it all planned out, I was going to take my eldest son to his doctor’s appointment and drop him off at school afterwards. Then I was going to go home throw some clothes in the wash, make myself a steaming cup of coffee and write as much as possible before I had to pick the kids up at school. What did I get instead? While at the doctor’s appointment I get a call from my husband telling me, he got a call from school saying he had to go pick up my youngest child because he had cracked his head open (his words, not mine). Needless to say he was panicking, now knowing my husband he hadn’t yet seen the open crack on my son’s head, so either the teacher or my lovely spouse was exaggerating (most probably the latter).  Any how minutes later, the school is a 2 minute walk form our house, my husbands calls to say my lovely child has a gash on his head and is bleeding profusely. I remain calm, only because I can here my son in the background telling my husband that he feels better now. Still at the doctors office for my other son’s appointment, which is 30 minutes away, I ask the receptionist if there is anyway the doctor can see us immediately because I had an emergency.  Why wouldn’t I just leave you ask? Because this was an appointment with a specialist that had been book in August, anyhow she saw us right away and an hour later I joined my husband and my baby at the hospital. There was no gash that required a blood transfusion, it was a deep cut about a centimetre and half, that had he been seen right away would have required stitches, but since it took 4 and half hours to be assessed by a doctor only be told he didn’t require stitches at all. Well of course not, 4 hours later the cut had dried and practically sealed, my husband looks at me with a look that said “we should half left when i told you 3 hours ago”. My point? Well after waiting for that 4 or so hours I wanted something to show for it and I was close to telling the doctor to stitch him up anyway. I do have to be grateful his gash was a minor one and he is OK. My laundry didn’t get done, again, other than some emails I answered and the this blog, it was the only story telling I did today. It wouldn’t be a good year without some excitement at least once a week. My new New years resolution is to learn to stitch wounds to avoid the long waits in emergency rooms.



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