Reading Harry Potter…

I know I am a few years late for this boat, I have never read the books before because they have never appealed to me. Like the Twilight series it took months of one of my cousin trying to convince me to read them, I wasn’t into vampires, but like most who read them I enjoyed them (not so much the movie). Now harry Potter is a different story I have thoroughly enjoyed the movies and after constant nagging from my husband and my book pusher cousin, I have picked up the books. This isn’t my usual style of reading, I am not into witches and wizards. So after agonizing through the first chapter in the first book, I am finding it incredibly hard to get into the story, maybe it’s because it’s been hyped up so much my expectations are too high. Don’t get me wrong I really want to read the books, I’ve mentioned before that the best part of reading is experiencing the story and getting lost in it, maybe it’s just me, but I am just having a hard time losing myself in the world that surrounds Hogwarts.
Have you read it? What is your opinion of the story?

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