Now That Christmas Is Over?

Finally! The job of mall hopping and fighting for parking is over. Gifts that were so lovingly wrapped in some overpriced, Santa paper purchased at Costco, and that required I stay up until the wee hours of the morning were viciously ripped to shreds. Though I must say that after a successful turkey dinner for 13 that, I am proud to say, I cooked entirely on my own I am glad it’s all over. So needless to say the kids and I were spoiled, one Central Vacuum system from the inlaws and a writing class from my husband that I will take full advantage of, were the highlights of my Christmas. Now that we are four days away from a new year, we start to make our new year’s resolutions that we will most likely never keep, things like loose a few pounds, stop bad habits and exercise. I might get as far the exercise part, but that’s only because I play soccer and walk the dog, it’s as active as I get. There is of course the important one for me and that’s to finish editing my WIP.
So What’s your New Years resolution? Anything you’ve been putting off?

2 thoughts on “Now That Christmas Is Over?

  1. I'm formulating my resolutions now, but they aren't ready for unveiling…yet. I make them every year, and usually manage to keep a few-ish. I usually do better with my writing goals than my “other life stuff.” At any rate, best of luck to you, and Happy New Year!


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