Keeping It All Straight!

I don’t plot, usually when I think up an idea the first thing that comes to mind is how it’s going to end. Yes I start from the bottom up, I have a tendency to write the ending first because in my mind I already know how the story will end, there are even times when I start a story from the middle. Once I have the bottom half of my story I leave it and scroll back up to the top and start. I don’t know how many people do it this way, I don’t have any elaborate, color coded charts hanging in my kitchen (that’s where I write), that help me to see where the story is going to go. I tried plotting and it totally stomped me, I got confused, I know it sounds crazy but in the end it’s just not something that worked for me. I do however take notes, I carry around a small notebook I picked up at the dollar store, I tried using Post Its, but my notes became pages rather than sentences. I also have a tendency to talk the story out, my kids think I am going crazy and have gone as far as to ask me why I talk to myself. If I am in the car I record the idea on my cell phone or use the notes feature on my iPod —not while I am driving of course. I am new at this, I have mentioned this fact before and this method works for me, everything is in my head, the plot, characters, setting, and even the names. How I keep it all straight is beyond me, but I do and if an idea comes to mind it usually has nothing to do with what I am writing at that moment but rather something I started a little while ago or sometimes, well most of the time it’s something completely new. Anyhow, the biggest reward for me in all this is that once I go back to the top the words just seem to flow, I write, write , write  and edit later. If I come up with new characters or something that may change the story in some way I go with it and don’t stop to think if it will make sense, I do that later. Surprisingly though I find that if I stop to edit and start making changes, for me at least, I lose momentum, the same things happens when I attempt to plot.
So fly by the seat of your pants, see where your ideas will take you.

Do you outline the plot it all out? What is your story?


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