Ok Here’s The Thing…!

Today was one of those days that was gearing up to be one that would be incredibly productive and the reason I busted my behind cleaning my house this weekend. The laundry is finally and completely finished (a total shock), the washrooms are spotless, the groceries have been purchased etc.. It was the perfect cold Canadian day to stay indoors and write, instead I was out shopping for snowsuits for my boys because the weather guy is calling for lots and lots of snow, that was at 7am, it is now 4pm and not one snow flake has hit the grown (in my area at least).  So, it’s just cold and productivity has gone out the freezing window and aside from commenting on blogs and contributing my 140 characters or less on Twitter I have nothing to show.  Oh well, tonight I will get my creative beauty sleep and get my butt in gear tomorrow after I shovel the snow I am still wait for off the driveway.

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