Reading Harry Potter…

I know I am a few years late for this boat, I have never read the books before because they have never appealed to me. Like the Twilight series it took months of one of my cousin trying to convince me to read them, I wasn’t into vampires, but like most who read them I enjoyed them (not so much the movie). Now harry Potter is a different story I have thoroughly enjoyed the movies and after constant nagging from my husband and my book pusher cousin, I have picked up the books. This isn’t my usual style of reading, I am not into witches and wizards. So after agonizing through the first chapter in the first book, I am finding it incredibly hard to get into the story, maybe it’s because it’s been hyped up so much my expectations are too high. Don’t get me wrong I really want to read the books, I’ve mentioned before that the best part of reading is experiencing the story and getting lost in it, maybe it’s just me, but I am just having a hard time losing myself in the world that surrounds Hogwarts.
Have you read it? What is your opinion of the story?

Now That Christmas Is Over?

Finally! The job of mall hopping and fighting for parking is over. Gifts that were so lovingly wrapped in some overpriced, Santa paper purchased at Costco, and that required I stay up until the wee hours of the morning were viciously ripped to shreds. Though I must say that after a successful turkey dinner for 13 that, I am proud to say, I cooked entirely on my own I am glad it’s all over. So needless to say the kids and I were spoiled, one Central Vacuum system from the inlaws and a writing class from my husband that I will take full advantage of, were the highlights of my Christmas. Now that we are four days away from a new year, we start to make our new year’s resolutions that we will most likely never keep, things like loose a few pounds, stop bad habits and exercise. I might get as far the exercise part, but that’s only because I play soccer and walk the dog, it’s as active as I get. There is of course the important one for me and that’s to finish editing my WIP.
So What’s your New Years resolution? Anything you’ve been putting off?

Keeping It All Straight!

I don’t plot, usually when I think up an idea the first thing that comes to mind is how it’s going to end. Yes I start from the bottom up, I have a tendency to write the ending first because in my mind I already know how the story will end, there are even times when I start a story from the middle. Once I have the bottom half of my story I leave it and scroll back up to the top and start. I don’t know how many people do it this way, I don’t have any elaborate, color coded charts hanging in my kitchen (that’s where I write), that help me to see where the story is going to go. I tried plotting and it totally stomped me, I got confused, I know it sounds crazy but in the end it’s just not something that worked for me. I do however take notes, I carry around a small notebook I picked up at the dollar store, I tried using Post Its, but my notes became pages rather than sentences. I also have a tendency to talk the story out, my kids think I am going crazy and have gone as far as to ask me why I talk to myself. If I am in the car I record the idea on my cell phone or use the notes feature on my iPod —not while I am driving of course. I am new at this, I have mentioned this fact before and this method works for me, everything is in my head, the plot, characters, setting, and even the names. How I keep it all straight is beyond me, but I do and if an idea comes to mind it usually has nothing to do with what I am writing at that moment but rather something I started a little while ago or sometimes, well most of the time it’s something completely new. Anyhow, the biggest reward for me in all this is that once I go back to the top the words just seem to flow, I write, write , write  and edit later. If I come up with new characters or something that may change the story in some way I go with it and don’t stop to think if it will make sense, I do that later. Surprisingly though I find that if I stop to edit and start making changes, for me at least, I lose momentum, the same things happens when I attempt to plot.
So fly by the seat of your pants, see where your ideas will take you.

Do you outline the plot it all out? What is your story?

Getting Emotionally Involved

I love to read because I get something incredibly intense from being a part of the lives of the characters I read about, I think if we become that involved we develop connections with the characters we create and therefore makes our writing all that much more powerful and profound, and  hopefully keep the reader hooked. How do we capture raw emotion in writing? By remembering some basic ones: joy, fear, sadness, anger, and the always-inspiring one, love. Taking all those examples and fitting it into your style is the key, writing what you know helps. I truly believe you can’t write about love if you’ve never been unconditionally in love, or if you’ve never experienced heartbreak it’s really hard to describe and make it believable, I’ve been there more times than I like to admit, I can write about it and I can feel it as I read it. Believe me when I say I have come across those people who, luckily for them have never experienced a break-up and find it terribly hard to believe some of the scenarios we are pitched in movies and books. I think the problem with that is that some people have a hard time separating fact from fiction, for example: The Bridges of Madison County. This was a movie I lent to a friend and she hated it, I haven’t come across anyone who has felt like that about that story. Her reason was that she couldn’t relate, I hoped not, not many of us can relate to being unfaithful, but when you think of the part of the story that show how much these two people loved each for however briefly is the great part. It’s that type of raw emotion that captured my attention and made these characters real for me. 
Bottom line, getting emotionally involved in your writing, reading and even movie watching can be entertaining and it can make you sad and maybe even bring you regret. However, despite feeling those emotions for a bit it’s worth it because knowing that you have just poured your heart and soul out and made your writing specific to who you are, could make for memorable and relatable characters. Putting those emotions into words is why I love to write and seeing those words in dialogue is why I love to read…

Ok Here’s The Thing…!

Today was one of those days that was gearing up to be one that would be incredibly productive and the reason I busted my behind cleaning my house this weekend. The laundry is finally and completely finished (a total shock), the washrooms are spotless, the groceries have been purchased etc.. It was the perfect cold Canadian day to stay indoors and write, instead I was out shopping for snowsuits for my boys because the weather guy is calling for lots and lots of snow, that was at 7am, it is now 4pm and not one snow flake has hit the grown (in my area at least).  So, it’s just cold and productivity has gone out the freezing window and aside from commenting on blogs and contributing my 140 characters or less on Twitter I have nothing to show.  Oh well, tonight I will get my creative beauty sleep and get my butt in gear tomorrow after I shovel the snow I am still wait for off the driveway.