The Twitter Thing…

I was catching up and reading some of my favorite blogs and I was very intrigued by Roni Loren ‘s post Twelve ways to scare away twitter followers. I began to leave a comment, but it quickly turned into a rant… isn’t that how all posts start? So I decided to do that  instead. I had joined twitter a little over a month ago feeling it a good idea to start a network with fellow writers for support, but after a couple of weeks I began to get spam (not from writers) and since I was new at the whole Twitter thing getting rid of it was a challenge.  One thing you have to understand about me is that I am computer challenged, I have a Facebook account which I rarely access because every time I get the hang of it, they change it.  Anyhow in the beginning twitter was great, Roni herself was a great help. But then follow requests started coming in and I got a lot of “I’ll follow you, if you follow me?” types of tweets, is it even called tweets? It turned out to be a lot of one (One-Way Tweeters) so needless to say it was a little discouraging.  Now I am slowly getting back into the twitter world and hope my experience this time around will be a good one.  I have no problem following you if you give me some input and tweet back, but if you want to be followed just to gain numbers, then you will lose my following. 

Thanks to Roni Loren for her great blog.



One thought on “The Twitter Thing…

  1. Thanks for the mention. 🙂 Sorry your experience was crappy to start. It does take some time to get used to it and to weed out the people who really want to interact with the annoying ones. Hope you don't give up on it 'cause it can be a lot of fun. 🙂


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