To Paint Or Not To Paint?

There are three things I can talk about none stop books, writing books and interior design.  This week I have decided that it’s time I pay a little more attention to the things around the house that I have been neglecting since we moved in a year ago,  first on the agenda is paint, I have been going through countless paint pallets to pick the perfect color and hope I won’t want to change it in a year.  I live in Canada, so picking bright colors doesn’t really seem like something I need to consider, thought I did paint my dining room red in our previous home, which I changed a few months later because the color even though I loved it was too overwhelming.  It’s already starting to get cold and I find myself going for a lot of neutral colors such as grey and brown tones, I am a firm believer that the color one chooses for  any given room in their house is reflective of the mood they were in when they made the color choice. So I am trying to get away from the brown and grey tones in an effort to feel and come across a little more cheery, and not be part of the murky cold atmosphere outside.  This week I am a painter by day and a writer by night, though I am exhausted by 8pm and all I want to do is indulge in a glass of wine and relax my goal is to at least write a thousand words before bed to keep the momentum going. So far I have made a pretty good schedule for myself and any little change seems to throw me off very easily, therefore I need to stay focus on my writing to accomplish what I hope to accomplish one day.

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