As a writer I do many things for the sake of being inspired I eavesdrop on stranger’s conversations    it’s amazing the things people say. I pay a little more attention to things that go on around me, I even start thinking back to when I was a teen, which wasn’t that long ago (cough, cough).  It’s amazing to me how much of my experiences I have incorporated into my stories, I take bits and pieces of things my friends and I used to do and exaggerate them a little, though I have to admit at time there is no exaggeration necessary.  Sometime one little memory triggers an entire story, that’s the case with the novel I just finished and I’m in the process of editing and re-editing and at times rewriting. Anyway back to my main point, thanks to Halloween and all that is spooky I came up with an idea for a story line involving a Ouija board and thinking even further back to my lovely youth (cough again) I can specifically recount a time when a group of friends and I played with one. I know creepy, but it’s seemed like a good idea at the time, so here I am now trying to do my best to be a little suspenseful and try my hand at the paranormal and be a little romantic,  What’s a story without a kiss involved right? Wish me luck…

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