All Roads

Brookgrenn Gardens, South Carolina – picture By Jessica A. Briones

“All Roads” is my first completed novel, it took me six months to write and I sometimes wonder if it’s any good… Mind you my sister thinks it’s wonderful, but does that really count? (no offense). My whole dilemma, and I am not sure it’s really something I should stress about, is that it really wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be when I decided to finally do this writing thing for real.  Now the editing part of the deal is a bit frustrating and I have decided to ignore the main character Rose and her friends for a little while in order to clear my head. It’s bad enough these folks keep me up at night, I was told it’s called Writer’s Insomnia, I had no idea this condition had a name. Now, what is more overwhelming is going through periods where I think to myself wow this is really good, then, such as last week I went through a period where I was Oh man! this sucks.  Let me tell you, the urge to scrap it and start over was overwhelming, the only thing stopping me was the thought that it was a manuscript of just over 77,000 words that I created.   A piece of work I had never imagined I was capable of, I might be right, it might not be any good, but the fact that I was able to write all that despite my frustration is incredibly satisfying.



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