TGIF…I Think!

The weekend is finally here and it’s going to be a busy one, what with Halloween on Sunday I have Wolverine, Iron Man and the Grim Reaper running around the house with more excitement than is actually necessary.  There was a time when I enjoyed this holiday, back when my mom was the one doing all the work.  The great part about this time of year is that for me at least, it seems to be a great source of inspiration, I don’t write horror or suspense, but as a writer my mind is always on the go and if I go back a few years to my childhood (cough) boy do I have stories to tell and some that can use some exaggeration… 
By the way I sign up on Twitter, trying to figure it out it doesn’t seem so complicated, but cell phones cause me difficulty. 
Have safe and happy weekend…

One thought on “TGIF…I Think!

  1. Hi Jessica! Welcome to the blog-o-sphere. You have a lovely space here. Thanks so much for finding and following me on Twitter. I'm pretty new to that site myself. It's amazing how many writer/bloggers I've found over there.

    Please feel welcome to stop by my blog: One Significant Moment at a Time All us “full-time writers” need to stick together, LOL.

    Looking forward to reading more from you. Until then, have a wonderful Halloween!

    😀 Nicole


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