When Life Gets in the way of writing…

I am a full time writer, at least that’s what I tell myself to stay put in front of a computer screen for hours writing down what I hope will be a great tale.  However I am a mother and wife and sometimes those duties disrupt my writing routine, I am very lucky because my three super active boys are in school from 9am to 3pm. That gives me six hours of writing and I try my hardest to take full advantage of it,  sometimes though something happens and the routine is out the window.  Monday was like that for me, I write during the week and unless there is an idea that is totally nagging at me I try to dedicate the weekends to my family and do things like re-introduce myself to the washing machine, the vacuum, the mop and a few other things I have been neglecting, all for the love of writing.  Though yesterday was productive as far as getting the groceries I didn’t get during the weekend and taking my son to doctor’s appointments —writing was a write off, this bothers me because my mind is always on the go.  I carry around my iPod and use the notes features to write whatever comes to mind when I am not in front of my lovely laptop or have a pad of paper and pen.  Today I will pound on the key board until I get to where I want to be  in my story and if all goes the way I hope, it will be a very productive day.



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