TGIF…I Think!

The weekend is finally here and it’s going to be a busy one, what with Halloween on Sunday I have Wolverine, Iron Man and the Grim Reaper running around the house with more excitement than is actually necessary.  There was a time when I enjoyed this holiday, back when my mom was the one doing all the work.  The great part about this time of year is that for me at least, it seems to be a great source of inspiration, I don’t write horror or suspense, but as a writer my mind is always on the go and if I go back a few years to my childhood (cough) boy do I have stories to tell and some that can use some exaggeration… 
By the way I sign up on Twitter, trying to figure it out it doesn’t seem so complicated, but cell phones cause me difficulty. 
Have safe and happy weekend…

When Life Gets in the way of writing…

I am a full time writer, at least that’s what I tell myself to stay put in front of a computer screen for hours writing down what I hope will be a great tale.  However I am a mother and wife and sometimes those duties disrupt my writing routine, I am very lucky because my three super active boys are in school from 9am to 3pm. That gives me six hours of writing and I try my hardest to take full advantage of it,  sometimes though something happens and the routine is out the window.  Monday was like that for me, I write during the week and unless there is an idea that is totally nagging at me I try to dedicate the weekends to my family and do things like re-introduce myself to the washing machine, the vacuum, the mop and a few other things I have been neglecting, all for the love of writing.  Though yesterday was productive as far as getting the groceries I didn’t get during the weekend and taking my son to doctor’s appointments —writing was a write off, this bothers me because my mind is always on the go.  I carry around my iPod and use the notes features to write whatever comes to mind when I am not in front of my lovely laptop or have a pad of paper and pen.  Today I will pound on the key board until I get to where I want to be  in my story and if all goes the way I hope, it will be a very productive day.


How it started

 Let’s face it, I have absolutely no clue what I am doing on this blog, I am figuring it out through trial and error and after many backgrounds I have settled on this one

I have convinced myself it’s my favorite colour because I can’t for one more minute worry about it. On that note as I start this blog I am desperately trying to figure out something witty and intelligent to write, I can’t, my children are finally tucked into their beds and it’s 8:30 in the evening and my mind is fried.  I had been up most of the night with a sick child and I am exhausted. 
Writing is something I have loved to do since I was very young, reading is an addiction I’ve inherited from my father, I had in the past written many things nothing really worth mentioning.  Mind you I have gone back and read some of the stuff I had written and the word embarrassing is the only thing that comes to mind.  A couple of years I decided to give writing a real shot, I have and incredibly supportive husband, who by the way loves everything I write after reading the first page.  The encouragement helps and it drives me to do it better, but when I first started I had no clue what the whole process entailed.  I thought, OK I write a book, send “somewhere” and voila! I will see it in the book store… 
I began to do some research and boy was I wrong. I began my first project in November of 2009, as with many stories that we read it all starts with that light bulb going off in your brain and that pretty much what happened to me.  As I got older I learned to appreciate books more and as I started the process of writing I learned to appreciate not just the book but the writers themselves.  So, what began as a basic outline of the story I wanted to write and a semi synopsis I suddenly found myself writing pages and pages.  I would go to sleep and these characters lived in ,y head, they would wake me in the middle of the night and I would, without a second thought get out of bed and head to the bathroom —to keep from waking my husband— where I would write whatever came to me in my sleep on a pad of paper.  then when I thought i had the whole thing down pat, I got stuck, I wrote the beginning and the end, but I had no middle —it’s still in a folder on my laptop waiting to once again be given a shot.  Then after a week I realized I really enjoyed writing, I began a different story, it was a little more complex and required a bit of research and it’s still a work in progress and keeping my first story company in my laptop.  I came up with a few more ideas and again I found myself writing pages and pages, even though my intention was to just write a brief outline so the story would remain fresh.  what surprised me was that even though I wouldn’t go back to it in months, the story was still incredibly fresh in my mind and I had no trouble continuing it from where I left off.
Now I am working on editing my first completed novel, I enjoy a good love story and even though I read a lot of different types of books, I stick to the romance, sometime raunchy, but most of the time it’s the more toned down stuff therefore I write about what I like and to some extent to what I know.